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HOT Question: I'm using iOS6 and group texting doesn't work
Verify that the 'Group Messaging' switch (if available) into the Settings app of the device, in the 'Messages' section is turned OFF.

HOT Question: I'm using iOS6 and I don't see any contact
Verify that the app is enabled to access the address book. Open the Settings app of the device, enter 'Privacy', then 'Contacts'. Verify that the switch for the app is turned ON.

HOT Question: I'm using iOS5 and the group texting doesn't work
Alas it's a problem on the Apple side. The only way to fix it is to turn OFF the switches iMessage, MMS and Group Messaging in Messages settings. Upgrading to iOS6 will fix the problem.

Question: How can I send sms / emails to groups ?
Answer: Just tap & hold on the group name when you're looking at the group list. Then tap the appropriate action on the black menu that appears. If you're not using iOS4 or above, you may need to install a third-party app, see the compatible apps list.

Question: Does the app have limits on the number of recipients ?
The app has no limit but your device may have. While the iPhone is great, it's still a mobile device with limited memory and processing capability.
For example we found that an iPhone 3G is capable of sending to groups of 100 recipients but may fail to send to larger groups.
We tested the iPhone 4 with up a little more than 350 recipients. Some user reported they are successfully sending to groups of 400 with an iPhone 4.
The iPhone 3GS falls in between, it has been tested with up to 200 recipients.

Question: I'm experiencing issues sending to more than 10 recipients
If you're experiencing issues sending to large groups, check the setting of "Group Messaging" on the iPhone settings. If the option is available, set it to OFF (yes OFF) to be able to send to large groups. If it's on, the iPhone will try to send MMS instead of SMS and will fail to send to large groups.

Question: I'm using iOS4.2 or above, I'm syncing with Google/Exchange and I can't create native groups and/or contacts does not stick to native groups.
Answer: use Private Groups.
Apple has removed support for native groups when syncing with Google/Exchange on firmware iOS4.2. ABContacts 1.9 introduced Private Groups. They work in the same way as Native Groups but they are private of the app and are not affected by the firmware change.

Question: Can I send a photo to a group?
Answer: Yes, you can use copy-paste. Open the photos app (or the app where the photo is stored), copy one ore more photos. Create the new email in ABContacts and when the new mail screen appear, paste the photos.

Question: Can I send files or other attachments to a group or single recipients ?
Answer: You can but you need to install our other Group Email! app. It works as standalone app or in combination with ABContacts.

Question: Can I forward an email to a group?
Answer: Since messages are sent by the mail app, ABContacts can't forward an email or send an email composed by another app because ABContacts is not running at that time. The only way is to use copy-paste.

Question: Can I use different apps to call, send sms or email ?
Answer: Yes but the apps must be compatible with ABContacts. Go to the settings tab of the menu and choose "Configure applications". Choose your preferred app from the list. You may want to update the list to keep it current. If your favorite app is not listed please ask to the developers to contact us.

Question: ABContacts crashes when calling a number. ABContacts can't add a number to favorites.
Answer: Some users have reported this issues. Every time the problem was solved deleting and recreating the contact. If it happens for all contacts you can backup your contacts, delete all of them, sync the phone to erase the address book database, restore the contacts and sync the phone to finish. The issue seems related to address book database corruptions (not related to ABContacts)

Question: Screenshots shows things I can't found on my phone. What's happening?
Answer: Check the settings app of the iPhone/iPod. Many ABContacts options can be enabled/disabled so you simply can have some features disabled.

Question: My groups does not sync with outlook. My contacts disappear from outlook when I sync.
Answer: Please note that it's the iPhone firmware together with iTunes that does the sync and the apps can't affect how it works. That said, the iPhone syncs the native contact groups with Outlook FOLDERS not categories. So you should find your contacts inside folders. Outlook has also a limitation: every contact can be assigned to one and only one folder. So, even if the iPhone allows a contact to be assigned to more than one nativegroup, in Outlook the contacts will end up in one folder only.

You can use Smart Groups or Private Groups to group your contacts. Using Smart Groups or Private Groups, your groups will NOT be synched to Outlook. This means you can get all the features of the iPhone groups without affecting how contacts are shown in Outlook.

Question: ABContacts shows the default ringtone for contacts that has a custom ringtone.
Answer: This is a problem of the current iPhone firmware. The screen where you see and can change the ringtone is provided by the firmware so we can't change it. Moreover custom ringtones (and ringtones in general) can't be modified by an application.