Group Text!
Group EMail! with attachments

Note: guide for version 3 will be available soon, this guide is for a previous version so it doesn't contain the added features.

Note: the app runs on both the iPhone and iPad in native screen resolution. This guide shows screenshots of the app running on the iPhone. Most are similar on the iPad (just a bit larger). Only the main screen is different in the iPad and iPhone. Both are shown here.

Tap the (i) button at top right of the screen to get help. Tap the 'gear' button at top left of the screen to view app settings and manage recipients lists.

On the iPhone, tap the Recipients area to pick recipients. Tap the Template area to pick or manage templates. Tap the Attachments area to attach.

On the iPad, tap the plus button the the recipients side to add recipients, tap the circled 'x' to clear; similarly for attachments on the attachments side. Tap the Template area to pick or manage templates.

Tap the 'Create Message' button to create the email message after you picked recipients.

Creating Lists
On the setting screen you can choose which email addresses are shown in the app. You can enable or disable email addresses labelled as 'Work', 'Home' or all other labels ('Other'). To show all the emails, turn on all switches.
When sending videos, the app tries to compress them. You can choose the quality here.
Tapping the 'Documents Manager' button you can access the documents area of the app where your various documents and csv files are stored (see below).
To add a new list, tap 'Add a New List'; to change name or recipients of an existing list tap the blue arrow. Tap the red button to delete an existing list.
When creating or editing a list you can edit the list name and see the list recipients. Use the red button to remove a recipient from the list. Use the blue arrow to edit the information of a recipient. The toolbar on the bottom has a plus button to add recipients, an action button to export the list or duplicate it and the trash button to remove all recipients with a single tap.
Tapping the plus button on the bottom toolbar the app asks if you want to pick one or more recipients from your address book, enter a recipient by keyboard or load a CSV document with recipients information.
Tapping the 'Pick Contacts' button above, the recipients selector appears. You can easily pick one or more contacts or an entire group. Tap on the little rectangle to choose the mode for the recipient between To, Cc, Bcc. The dot means instead you don't want to use that recipient. At the top there are four convenient button to set all the recipients to the same mode and a search button to search for recipient names.
Tapping the 'Keyboard Entry' button above, a screen appears where you can enter recipients information by hand. It's useful if you want to add a contact you don't have in your address book.
Tapping the action button on the toolbar you can save the current list to a CSV document, send the list by E-Mail, Print or duplicate the list.

Selecting recipients
When you tap on the Recipients area on the main screen the recipients selector appears. You can choose an entire group or list or pick one or more recipients by hand.
Use the bottom selector to choose between adding a group, adding a list or adding one or more handpicked contacts.
Choosing some recipients the main screen will appear again. Now the number of selected recipients is shown.
Tap the Recipients area again to change your selection or to add more recipients. Tap the circled 'x' on the right to clear the selection.
Tapping the Recipients area you can change mode or exclude some recipients you want to remove from the current recipients list (for example you may want to exclude some person from a predefined list).
You can also add more recipients using the plus button. Tapping the plus button the recipients selector appears again and you can add as many recipients you need in multiple steps if necessary.

Using Templates
On the main screen tap the Templates area to open the template screen where you can pick or edit templates. Simply tap the template to pick and use it. Tap the plus button to add a new one.
Tap the eye icon to preview a template content.
Tap Edit to show the red button and blue arrow. Use the red button to delete a template. Tap the blue arrow to edit an existing template.
A template has a name, a subject and a text. The name is shown on the picker, the subject and text are automatically added to the message subject and text when you choose the template and create a new message. If the text contains HTML tags, turn ON the "Contains HTML" switch to preserve them.
Similarly to when you've selected recipients, the selected template appears on the Template area. Tap it to change or use the circled 'x' to clear.

Importing recipients
To load a list with the content of a CSV file you can upload the file using iTunes or save it from an email attachment.
Documents must have 'csv' extension and only the first four columns are used. The first column must contain the email address, the second the mode To,Cc or Bcc (optional), the third the name (optional), the fourth the note (optional).
When in Mail, tap and hold on the CSV Document to show the menu and choose 'Open in "Group EMail"' to load it to the app.
Group Email! will open and a confirmation message will be shown. Here you find all the documents saved from an E-Mail attachment, uploaded with iTunes or copied with the "Open In..." command in other apps.
When editing a list you can use the plus button and choose 'Load from CSV Document' to import the recipients from a CSV document in the list. The document selector will appear. Tap the document and the recipients will be added.

Adding Attachments
Tapping on the attachment area of the main screen you can add or edit attachments. Tap on "Add Attachment..." to add a new attachment. Tap the circled 'x' to remove an attachment.
Some attachments have settings, tap the white/gray gear icon to change them.
Some attachments have an eye button to preview the content.
Tapping on "Add Attachment..." the app asks you what kind of attachment you want to add. Some attachment kinds are not available on some devices. Attachments kind are: Current Location with map and address, Contact vCard (single or multiple contacts), In-App Audio recorded clip, Pasteboard Content, Document, In-App Camera Shot, Photos with multiple selection, single Photo or Video from the device Library.
Picking a location the maps screen appears. Searching for addressess adds red pins on the map.
Tap the action button to: Zoom the map to fit all pins, Clear the map, Show the current location and to Drop a pin.
Dropped pin is purple and you can drag it on the map.
Tap a pin to show the address. Tapping the white/blue arrow adds that address to the current attachments list.
Adding Contacts vCard you can pick a single contact or multiple contacts or entire groups.
Using the white/gray gear icon on a Contacts vCard attachment you can choose what information to send and in which format (vCard, Text or both).
Adding an Audio clip the recording screen appears where you can use the left round button to record or pause and the right button to finish.
When adding a Document, the Document manager is shown, simply tap the document to attach it. To upload documents into the Document manager you can save them from an E-Mail attachment, upload them with iTunes or copy them with the "Open In..." command in other apps.
Tap the eye icon to preview the document content. The preview supports the same document types that are supported by the Apple Mail app.
When adding Multiple Photos tap a photo to select it and tap again to deselect. Selected photos are marked with a checkmark. Tap 'Done' to attach all selected photos.

Creating Message
When finished selecting recipients and optionally added template and attachments, tap the big 'Create Message' button on the main screen to create the email message. The Apple Mail app will open with the composed message, ready to send.