Group Text!
Group Text!


Guide for version 3.0 is coming soon.

Screenshots on this guide are from the iPhone/iPod version of the app, on the iPad only the main screen is a little different, most other screens are the same of the iPhone version.
Tap the (i) button at top right of the screen to get help. Tap the 'gear' button to view app settings and manage recipients lists.

Tap the Recipients area to pick recipients (on the iPad the plus button). Tap the Template area to pick or manage templates.

Tap the Inserts area to insert a location address and maps link or contacts information to the text (on the iPad the plus button).

Tap the 'Create Message' button to create the message after you picked recipients.
On the setting screen you can choose to show only numbers labelled as 'Mobile' or 'iPhone' or to show all numbers using the 'Only Mobile Numbers' switch.
To enable the char counter when entering the message text, turn the 'Char Counter' switch ON. Note that when the switch is ON an additional screen is shown when composing the message text.
You can setup your signature here.
You can also show email addresses on the recipients (useful for iMessage).
Lastly set 'Clear Selections' to Yes to clear the current selection after you sent a group text, to 'No' to keep them, to 'Ask' to ask for every message. Tapping the 'Documents Manager' button you can access the documents area of the app where csv files are stored (see below).
To manage lists , tap 'Lists Manager'. To manage alerts, tap 'Alerts Manager'. Alerts manager is an one-time in-app purchase option, if you've not bought it you'll see the button to unlock the feature here.
On the list manager you can add lists tapping the 'Add New List' button. You can delete lists using the red button on the left of a list name. You can edit an existing list tapping the name.
When creating or editing a list you can edit the list name and see the list recipients. Use the red button to remove a recipient from the list. The toolbar on the bottom has a plus button to add recipients, an action button to export the list or duplicate it and the trash button to remove all recipients with a single tap.
Tapping the plus button on the bottom toolbar the app asks if you want to pick one or more recipients, enter a recipient by keyboard or load a CSV document with recipients information.
Tapping the 'Pick Contacts' button above, the recipients selector appear. You can easily pick one or more contact or an entire group.
Tapping the 'Keyboard Entry' button above, a screen appears where you can enter recipients information by hand. It's useful if you want to add a contact you don't have in your address book.
Tapping the action button on the toolbar you can save the current list to a CSV document, send the list by E-Mail or duplicate the list.
When you tap on the Recipients area on the main screen the recipients selector appears. You can choose an entire group or list or pick one or more recipients by hand.
Use the bottom selector to choose between adding a group, adding a list or adding one or more handpicked contacts.
You can also show the list manager from here tapping the plus button.
Choosing some recipients the main screen will appear again. Now the number of selected recipients is shown.
Tap the Recipients area again to change your selection or to add more recipients. Tap the circled 'x' on the right to clear the selection.
Tapping the Recipients area you can check off some recipients you want to remove from the current recipients list (for example you may want to exclude some person from a predefined list).
You can also add more recipients using the plus button. Tapping the plus button the recipients selector appears again and you can add as many recipients you need in multiple steps if necessary.
On the main screen tap the Templates area to open the template screen where you can pick or edit templates. Simply tap the template to pick and use it. Tap the plus button to add a new one. Tap Edit to show the red button and blue arrow. Use the red button to delete a template. Tap the blue arrow to edit an existing template.
Tap the eye icon to preview the template content.
A template has a name and a text. The name is shown on the picker, the text is automatically added to the message text when you choose the template and create a new message.
The char counter is always shown on the template editor screen. It counts the number of chars and the numbers of chunk of 160 chars (some mobile carriers count one SMS every 160 chars).
You can also pre-set a list or group in the template. When you use the template the list or group is automatically used to fill the recipients.
Tapping on "Tap to Insert" the app asks you what kind of "insert" you can insert the current location address and maps link, or pick a location to insert its address and maps link or choose one or more contacts to insert their information.
Picking a location the maps screen appears. Searching for addressess adds red pins on the map.
Tap the action button to: Zoom the map to fit all pins, Clear the map, Show the current location and to Drop a pin.
Dropped pin is purple and you can drag it on the map.
Tap a pin to show the address. Tapping the white/blue arrow adds that address to the current inserts list.
Adding Contacts Information you can pick a single contact or multiple contacts or entire groups.
Using the white/gray gear icon on a Contacts Information you can choose what information to send.
Tap the 'Create Message' button on the main screen and the last screen appears. It is the Apple Messages app screen prepared by Group Text! and ready to send. Just tap Send and the Apple Messages app will send your message just as you entered one by one the recipients on the Apple app.
If the char counter is on, this screen appears before the final screen. Here you can enter the message text and see the counter.
It counts the number of chars and the numbers of chunk of 160 chars (some mobile carriers count one SMS every 160 chars).
Tap 'Done' when finished and the last screen will appear, ready to send the message.
To load a list with the content of a CSV file you can upload the file using iTunes or saving from an email attachment.
Documents must have 'csv' extension and only the first three columns are used. The first column must contain the number, the second the name (optional) and the third the note (optional).
When in Mail, tap and hold on the CSV Document to show the menu and choose 'Open in "Group Text"' to load it to the app.
Group Text! will open and a confirmation message will be shown. Here you find all the documents saved from an E-Mail attachment or uploaded with iTunes.
When editing a list you can use the plus button and choose 'Load from CSV Document' to import the recipients from a CSV document in the list. The document selector will appear. Tap the document and the recipients will be added.
The Alerts Manager, a one-time in-app purchase option, allows to setup up to 60 alerts that can help you to remember to send a text. On an alert you can pre-define a set of recipients with a group or list, a template or free text. Once the alert fires you can send the text with just a couple taps. To create a new alert tap the 'Add New Alert' button. To remove an alert use the red button on the left of the alert name. To edit an existing alert tap its name. Alerts that are non-recurring will be automatically deleted once fired.
Specify an alert name that is also displayed when the alert fires. You can set the date and recurrency tapping the date field. You can also specify either a template to be used -or- the text and a pre-set list or group.
Choose here if the alert is recurrent between Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly or if it's not recurrent.
Choose also the first date the alert has to fire.
When the alert fires the iOS notifies you (accordingly to the global settings you specified in the device Settings app). You can decide to send the message or cancel it.
If you're already using the app you also have the option to view the alert later.