Group Text!

iMessage on iOS5
iMessage is one of the new great services included in iOS5, the last release of Apple operating system software for mobile devices.
Using iMessage, texts sent to other iOS users that are registered to the service are sent using the data network instead of the cellular network and are also free and unlimited.

Moreover, if you send an iMessage to more than one recipient, when one replies, the reply will go to everyone (this is what Apple calls Group Messaging); this always apply when iMessage is used.

When running on an device with iOS5, our app will automatically use the service, doing different things according to the various options that can be changed in the device Settings into the Messages section.

If you want to send a text to a group and you don't want that replies go to everyone, you have to turn iMessage OFF and use traditional SMS; iMessage, in fact, is a "chat-like" service where replies go to everyone as described above.

If the device has an option called "Group Messaging" (not available in all countries), this option has to be OFF too, otherwise the phone will try to use the "chat-like" service using MMS messages.

Additionally, in the current version of the iOS5 operating system, it seems that there is a problem: if the MMS option is turned ON, the text to a group will fail. We are talking with Apple engineers about this problem.

To recap, to send a group text and you don't want replies to go to everyone, you have to turn OFF all these: iMessage, Group Messaging, MMS.

If instead it's ok if the replies go to everyone, you can leave iMessage ON. However, messages where one or more recipients are not registered to iMessage will be sent as regular SMS messages. In this case the "Group Messaging" option will apply (not available in all countries) and there is a limit of max 10 recipients, otherwise the message will fail.
The message will also not be delivered if one or more recipient is using an email address as iMessage account and other recipients are using phone numbers (we're also looking into this problem with Apple engineers).

If you need more help on using iMessage and our app, please contact our email support, we reply to every request.