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HOT Question: The app doesn't work on iOS7!

Upgrade your system to iOS7.1. Previous versions of iOS7 contains bugs, Apple fixed them on iOS7.1. To upgrade, open the settings app on the device, go to General -> System Update. You can check your current iOS version going to Settings app, then General -> Info -> About -> Version.

A very common problem is using the wrong settings. Open the Settings app that comes with the device and enter 'Messages' section.
First verify that 'Send as SMS' is ON otherwise your device will ignore all recipients that don't use Apple devices.
Also verify that Group Messaging is set to OFF.

Many users also report that for large groups iMessage must also set to OFF (this may be carrier dependent, if it doesn't work with iMessage on, try to turn it off.
After settings change, it's suggested to restart the device. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top of your device until the red slider appears. Then drag the slider to turn your device completely off. After the device turns off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again until you see the Apple logo.
We're in contact with Apple to work on an easier way to change these settings without going into settings manually.

Question: How can I personalize the message ?
You can send personalized messages using the 'Send in Batches' feature and using a batch size of 1. When you enter the text, use /nnn/ as the placeholder for the full name of the recipient, /lll/ for the last name and /fff/ for the first name.

Question: Replies to my group text goes to every recipient ! How can I stop that ?
Remeber to set Group Messaging to OFF (if available on your device) and MMS to OFF as usual when you text a large group and you don't want that replies go to everyone like in a chat message. The switches are in the Settings app that comes with the device, in the Messages section. Only when all recipients in the group are iMessage accounts you may want to turn iMessage OFF to prevent a chat message.

Question: Does the app have limits on the number of recipients ?
The app has no limit but your device may have. While the iPhone is great, it's still a mobile device with limited memory and processing capability.
On the iPhone 5 and 4s you should be able to text up to 700 at once. On the iPhone 4 up to 350 at once. Older phones no more than 100 at once.

Question: Some recipients receive a blank text, a non readable text or don't receive the text
This usually happen to recipients that have older and cheap mobile phones that can't read extended charset and you used some special char in your text (some symbols, accented letters and others). This is not an issue of the app, the iPhone can handle all the characters but this may be not true for some other mobile phones. If you stick to standard a-z letters, digits and punctuation you shouldn't experience this problem. If you're using the message counter option in our app, you can see if you're using one or more special chars because the max number of chars for a message is 70 or 63 (otherwise it's 160 or 157).

Question: What's the difference between groups and lists ?
Answer: Groups are created in your address book and synced to your contact source. Lists are private of Group Text! and they don't affect your contact source. This is especially useful to Outlook users since the iPhone syncs groups to Outlook FOLDERS not to categories.
Moreover, a group contains contacts. A list contains recipients. The difference is that a contact can have more than one phone number in the address book whereas a recipient in a list usually has only one number (you still can add more than one number, if you want).

Question: How can I use the CSV import feature ?
You can import a list from a CSV document. The document has to contain one entry per row and it can have from one to five columns.

The first row is the phone number and it's mandatory. The second column, if present, should contain the full name. The third, if present, should contain the note.
Starting with version 3.0 you can also add a fourth column with the first name and a fifth with the surname. These are used for personalized texts when sending in batches of one contact at a time.

You can import a document using Mail or iTunes. When using Mail, tap & hold on the csv document in your mail message and choose "Open in Group Text!" in the menu. The document will be imported in the app.
Using iTunes, connect your device with the USB cable, go to the "Applications" tab in iTunes and use the document uploader on the bottom of the page.
Then in Group Text! when you use the plus button to add recipients to a list, choose the "Load from CSV Document" option and pick the document.

Question: How can I create group of contacts ?
Answer: You can't create groups or contacts with Group Text!.
You can however create and manage lists of contacts that can be used to send texts to group of recipients, see above.
Please check our app ABContacts if you need a full featured contact manager.