Hard Awakening iPhone & iPod Hard Awakening Application
There are many applications for the iPhone for your sweet awakening. But if you cannot miss an important appointment or you simply need a super alarm clock then Hard Awakening is the application for you. It's great for jokes too with its 70 different sounds.

Hard Awakening has many rings, none of which can be ignored. You have to wake up!

And now you can even use your iPod Library songs as alarms and even record your own sounds with the microphone !
The application works in two modes:
  • standard, in which you can set the alarm time.
  • joke, in which you can activate a 20-seconds timer before the alarm goes off. This is great when you want to prank your friends, your partner or your parents.

The application also features some of the traditional ring tones for a sweeter awakening.

Other features:
  • 70 hi-quality sounds.
  • use your iPod Library songs as alarm.
  • record your own alarms with the microphone.
  • use a custom photo on the alarm screen.
  • Display the clock.
  • Display the alarm time or countdown until the alarm goes off.
  • Snooze function with very big keys.
  • Customizable snooze time.
  • Volume setting
  • Optional increasing ring for a gentler awakening.
  • Optional nightstand in portrait or landscape mode. The app also remembers the last used mode.
  • Prevents damaging your screen pixels changing the text position every minute when in nightstand mode.
  • Auto 12/24 hours mode uses the same preference you have set on the phone.

ATTENTION: some of the rings could drive you crazy so use them with caution! We are not responsible if you go wild about your iPhone smashing it into pieces! Not for the faint hearted!

Tap the lower settings button to set your preferences and the upper settings button to set the alarm time and mode.

If nightstand mode is not set the app will turn off the screen after a short while to save battery life. DO NOT CLOSE THE APP or the alarm will not ring! You can safely enable sleep mode manually.

If nightstand mode is set, after a minute the app will show the nightstand view. This will consume your battery so it's suggested to run with the power adapter in this mode. Tap the screen to return to main view.

Don't forget to set the volume level to your preference!

First generation iPod touch does not have a built-in speaker. To hear the alarm you need to connect your iPod to an external speaker system.

Version 2.1 is available on the Apple iTunes App Store. iPhone OS3 required.