Mail+ is a mail client to read and manage your emails and send emails with attachments to single contacts, to groups, to handpicked set of contacts or to distribution lists. You can optionally attach photos, videos, documents, emails, locations information with map and address, audio clips, pasteboard content and contacts information (vCard or text).
And if you send the same email text frequently, you can create a template and use it to save typing or to send nice HTML emails.

*** Featured by Apple on the @-Work list of apps on iTunes ***

  • easy and quick interface
  • full featured mail reader
  • reply and forward with attachments
  • optionally block remote images on mail reader
  • use address book groups;
  • handpick set of contacts from address book
  • create distribution lists from address book or manually entering recipients information
  • attachments (see below)
  • iCloud support to sync list, templates and documents
  • Dropbox, Box, Sky Drive, Google Drive, Evernote, SugarSync support
  • choose the mode (To,Cc, Bcc) for each recipient
  • create email text templates
  • supports HTML source into templates (HTML editor is NOT included)
  • optionally pre-select recipients on template to send the same email to the same recipients with just a couple taps.
  • import / export distribution lists from/to CSV documents
  • preview templates, photos, documents and contacts information
  • Full VoiceOver support
  • Landscape support
  • supports retina display
  • runs on the iPhone, iPod and iPad

Supported Attachments :
  • Documents (local to the device, on iCloud, on Dropbox, on Box, on Sky Drive, on Google Drive, on Evernote, on Sugar Sync)
  • Emails or part of emails
  • Photos and Videos from your device photo library
  • Single or Multiple contact information in vCard and/or text format
  • Current Location with Map image and reverse geocoded address.
  • In-App Camera Still Shot and Video Shot (requires a device with a camera, videos supported only on newer devices)
  • In-App Audio Clips Recording
  • Map Location (search and drop pin supported) with reverse geocoded address.
  • Pasteboard content
Documents can be uploaded to the app using:
  • the "open In..." command that many apps have (for example Apple Mail, Dropbox and many others);
  • direct access to Dropbox, Box, Sky Drive, Google Drive
  • iTunes and USB cable connection
  • read from email accounts (IMAP required)
Once uploaded documents stay there and can be used every time you need them.

Note: the mail reader requires an IMAP account. The other features work with any account kind.

Note: the number and size of attachments the app can handle depends on your device and free memory. Newer devices will handle more and bigger attachments than older devices.

Note: the app can't use your existing groups when syncing with Exchange. You can however create lists in the app and use them.

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