Question:Why is the app now called Mail+
We plan to extend this app to a full featured mail client application. We already added many features about reading emails and more will be added in the future. For this reason we decided to change the name and keep the 'Group Email!' app for a simpler app that only does group emails. Mail+ is more powerful than 'Group Email!'. If you purchased Group Email! before version 3.3 you'll get Mail+ automatically.

Question:The app shows no contacts
Since iOS6 Apple introduced privacy settings; apps must be enabled to access contacts. Open the Settings app of the device, enter 'Privacy', enter 'Contacts' and turn ON the switch for your app.

Question: Does the app have limits on recipients number ?
Answer: The app has no limit on the number of recipients. However your email provider may have. For example, GMail and Yahoo does not allow to send to more than 100 recipients at a time. Other restrictions may apply, please refer to your email provider to learn more.

Question: What's the difference between groups and lists ?
Answer: Groups are created in your address book and synced to your contact source. Lists are private of Group Email! and they don't affect your contact source. This is especially useful to Outlook users since the iPhone syncs groups to Outlook FOLDERS not to categories.
Moreover, a group contains contacts. A list contains recipients and the associated modes (To,Cc,Bcc). The difference is that a contact can have more than one email address in the address book whereas a recipient in a list usually has only one email address (you still can add more than one, if you want) and you can preset the mode for that recipient to To or Cc or Bcc (using groups instead you have to choose the mode every time you create a new email).